Facial Rejuvenation – Thread Lift for Face in Islamabad

A thread lift is a popular and effective cosmetic procedure that is less invasive than a surgical facelift. It is famous worldwide among people longing for a beautiful, radiant, youthful appearance. Thread lifting is a minimally invasive, quick, beneficial with no-downtime treatment. The threads lift the skin and tighten sagging skin to reduce lines and give the face a lovely definition.

What is Thread Lift for Face?

A thread lift for face consists of inserting thin, absorbable threads or sutures under the skin to lift and tighten portions of the facial tissues. This unique treatment stimulates collagen production, providing a natural-looking lift to the skin tone and texture over time. The face threadlift aims to address sagging in different areas, such as the brow, under the eye, jowls, the lines between the nose and lips, the neck etc.

Targeted Areas for a Thread Lift Treatment

People choose thread lift treatment to lift areas that sag with time, such as:

  • Jowls and jawline
  • Neck
  • Brow line
  • Under-eye area
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Wrinkles
  • Breasts, especially after pregnancy and weight loss.

Ideal Candidate for a Thread Lift Treatment

The best candidates for a thread lift treatment are individuals in their 30s to 50s experiencing early signs of facial ageing. It is suitable for those with notable sagging or loose skin. It is important to keep realistic expectations and should be in good health to get the best results from a thread lift treatment for face. After examining your skin, Dr. Afsheen will decide whether a thread lift treatment is an accurate cosmetic solution for your skin concerns.

Face Thread Lift Benefits

  • Thread lift treatment for face involves minimal cuts. Fine threads are used that help reduce the risk of scarring and complications.
  • A face thread lift takes almost an hour, a very convenient option for busy people.
  • Patients can see an immediate lift and improvement in their skin’s appearance right after the procedure.
  • As compared to other traditional facelifts, the recovery time for a thread lift is less. Most patients return to their normal activities within a few days.
  • Thread lift treatment stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, giving your skin long-term improvements in texture and elasticity.
  • The treatment can be customized to target specific areas according to your concerns, such as the brow, under-eye area, midface, jowls and neck.
  • A facelift is considered more affordable than a traditional facelift, making it a more attractive option to a range of people.
  • Face thread lift treatment transforms your appearance, hence, it helps to enhance your self-esteem, contributing to a more positive self-image.

Face Thread Lift Procedure

After consultation with Dr. Afsheen, you will be given local anaesthesia. It means you are awake during the procedure but don’t feel any pain. The surgeon will use a thin needle (called a cannula) to insert different threads under your skin. He will adjust threads to lift and tighten the skin. The thread lift procedure will be completed in an hour. You can go to your routine work right after a thread lift procedure. 

Side Effects of Face Thread Lift

While face thread lifts have shown no serious side effects, you may experience:

  • Redness, swelling and bruising at the insertion places.
  • A little discomfort or pain for a temporary period.
  • Some allergic reactions.

What Types of Thread Lifts are Available?

At ARB, we employ a diverse range of top-tier premium threads. During a consultation with our doctors, personalized recommendations are made based on your specific treatment needs, the targeted body area, and your unique requirements and preferences. All the threads we use are both biodegradable and of medical-grade quality, having a well-established history in surgical procedures.

Our seasoned Senior Cosmetic Physicians specialize in the latest and most advanced thread types, including Silhouette Soft PLA (polylactic acid) Threads, APTOS (polylactic acid and polycaprolactone), as well as Korean PCL Threads.

1. Aptos Thread Lift

The Aptos thread lift is designed to lift, tighten saggy areas, smooth out wrinkles, boost collagen production, and enhance your skin tone and color. The results don’t keep you waiting – you’ll notice the positive changes right away, and they just get better over the next few months. What’s even more fantastic is that these benefits stick around for several years after the treatment. People are loving thread lifting as it not only gives you a younger appearance but also improves the overall quality of your skin. It’s like a secret weapon for a natural and long-lasting glow!

2. PCL (Polycaprolactone) Thread Lift

Polycaprolactone (PCL) has a durability exceeding 2 years, with the threads gradually assimilating into the body over a period of 1 to 2 years. As a result, the outcomes of a PCL thread lift exhibit prolonged longevity, and collagen synthesis can persist for an additional year even after the complete dissolution of the threads. These threads stimulate collagen production and are considered very effective for deeper lifting, best for sagging and volume loss.

3. Silhouette Thread Lift

Silhouette Thread Lift is a non-surgical favorite for facial rejuvenation. Ideal for both men and women, this safe and effective treatment contours your face without the need for surgery. Tiny threads are discreetly placed under your skin, delivering a natural, long-lasting lift, restoring volume, and reducing fine lines. Keep your natural facial expressions intact while enjoying a 100% natural look.

4. PDO (Polydioxanone) Thread Lift

These are a popular choice because of their safety and effectiveness. It is versatile for treating multiple signs of ageing. They are in various types, such as mono, cog, and screw threads, each designed to work on different aesthetic concerns and provide customized results.

5. PLA (Polylactic Acid) Thread Lift

PLA threads activate collagen production that improves skin elasticity and firmness. They last longer than PDO threads which makes them ideal for deeper lifting and outstanding results. These versatile and tailored threads can treat sagging in different areas of the face.

Each type has its own unique benefits, and the choice depends on the required outcome and specific concerns of the patient.

Threadlift vs. Facelift

Thread lifts are minimally invasive, with less downtime and temporary results. It is ideal for mild to moderate sagging and volume loss. Facelifts are surgical treatments with long-lasting results suitable for people with visible sagging and ageing signs. The choice depends on individual goals, the extent of ageing, and personal preferences. The decision of choosing between threadlift or facelift depends on the candidate’s goals and the severity of ageing signs. 

Why Choose Dr. Afsheen Bilal for Face Threadlift in Islamabad?

Dr. Afsheen Bilal is an eminent and renowned dermatologist in the field of cosmetic surgery with extensive experience in performing face thread lifts. Dr. Afsheen provides a customized plan according to the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals, keeping in mind the best possible outcome. Her clinic in Islamabad is equipped with the latest technology and maintains the highest standards of safety and hygiene, offering you a comfortable and professional environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Thread Lift Treatment Painful?

During a thread lift procedure, you don’t feel any pain due to local anaesthesia given to you. After the procedure, you may experience minimal pain or discomfort but it subside in a few hours. 

How Much Time Does it Take for Thread Lifts to Show Results?

The results are visible just after the procedure. You will see more improvement and enhancement with time as collagen production is stimulated, giving you a youthful appearance.

What is the Recovery Time?

Most patients start their normal activities immediately after the procedure. Minor redness, swelling and bruising may occur but usually subside within a week.

How Long Does a Face Thread Lift Last?

The results of a face thread lift depend on the type of threads used, individual skin condition and lifestyle. Generally, the results last between 1 to 3 years.

Which Thread is Best for Facelift?

PDO threads are mostly recommended due to their safety and effectiveness. However, PLA and PCL threads have longer-lasting results and are considered better for different needs.

Is a Face Thread Lift Treatment Worth it?

A thread lift is worth it for those looking for a less invasive, quick, and successful solution to treat mild to moderate signs of ageing without the need to undergo surgery.

What is Face Thread Lift Cost in Pakistan?

The cost of a face thread lift in Pakistan depends on the nature of the treatment and the type of threads utilized. It is advisable to consult with a qualified dermatologist like Dr. Afsheen Bilal for an accurate assessment and pricing.

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