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Forma V Tightening/Rejuvenation Treatment

Forma V Tightening/Rejuvenation Treatment

Addressing changes in the intimate areas is often a topic many find uncomfortable to contemplate or discuss. While we readily anticipate aging on facial and other bodily areas, the consideration of vaginal rejuvenation might not have crossed our minds.

The reality is that factors like pregnancy, childbirth, and natural aging can lead to challenges such as dryness, internal and external laxity, reduced sensitivity, and even urinary incontinence. This has prompted an increasing number of women to explore vaginal rejuvenation procedures. At ARB, we present Forma V, a non-invasive technology designed to target both internal and external transformations affecting the vagina and vulva.

Understanding Forma V

Forma V and Morpheus8 Body, each treatment uses specific handpieces that deliver consistent radiofrequency energy to remodel existing collagen and stimulate new production of collagen and elastin, resulting in tightened and improved skin tone. Both procedures are nonsurgical.

When radiofrequency energy is applied to the skin, it penetrates the epidermis and converts to heat, known as sub-dermal heating. The body responds as if a wound has occurred, prompting increased production of collagen and elastin to heal the perceived wound. In Forma V, this RF energy is delivered through a small, comfortable handpiece, applying uniform RF energy to both internal and external vaginal tissues. This sub-dermal heating tightens internal vaginal tissues and the outer labia.

Forma V Can Treat

Forma V is capable of addressing both internal and external vaginal issues.

Internal issues include:

  • Low blood flow or sensitivity
  • Decreased sexual interest
  • Painful sensations

External issues include:

  • Loss of elasticity
  • Wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Forma V Suitable for Me?

Forma V may be suitable for you if you have undergone menopause, are experiencing postmenopausal symptoms, or have encountered vaginal dryness or childbirth. Immediate results can be observed, with full outcomes becoming noticeable in a few weeks.

When Will I See Results from Forma V Treatments?

Response time varies among patients, with many experiencing an immediate change in sensation and tightening. However, the majority of results manifest in the weeks following treatments. Improvement in vaginal tightness and labia appearance continues as collagen and elastin production increases in response to RF energy.

How Long Will My Forma V Results Last?

The newly produced collagen and elastin endure, but the body’s natural decline in collagen production means that results diminish over time. By age 50, the body produces one-third less collagen than at 20, leading to skin laxity and sagging. Forma V results typically last up to one year, with annual treatments recommended for maintenance.

Will Forma V Enhance My Sexual Sensation?

Forma V procedures enhance sexual sensation by improving vaginal lubrication and overall tissue tightness. Improved labia appearance contributes to increased confidence, a crucial aspect of enjoying intimacy.

Is Forma V Painful?

The delivery of radiofrequency energy is not painful; instead, patients may feel a warming sensation. The insertion of the handpieces during Forma V treatments is comparable to a typical gynecological checkup.

What Risks Are Involved with Forma V Procedures?

Forma V procedures are non-invasive and pose minimal risks. Patients are advised to abstain from intercourse for three days after Votiva treatments and avoid hot tubs, pools, and hot baths during the same period.

Who Can Benefit from Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Inmode procedures are designed for women seeking to reverse the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and natural aging on their vaginal tissues. This includes women post-childbirth, perimenopausal and menopausal women, those desiring enhanced sexual sensation, individuals experiencing some degree of urinary incontinence, and those seeking cosmetic improvements in the vaginal area. These conditions are commonly observed in women approaching or having completed menopause.

Specific symptoms that may indicate suitability for these procedures include:

  • Increased vaginal dryness
  • Reduced vaginal sensation
  • Heightened sexual dysfunction
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence triggered by activities such as coughing
  • Redness in the vaginal tissues
  • Slight vaginal discharge